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209 polls


24 December 2001

Should district councils have the authority to destroy orchards infected with disease?


21 December 2001

Should Telecom be allowed to impose charges for connections to the Internet via non-0867 numbers?

17 December 2001

Is the Prime Minister overpaid?

14 December 2001

Do you think Sir Peter Blake's killers knew who he was before killing him?

13 December 2001

Will we see improvements in the health system with the $2.4 billion funding boost?

12 December 2001

Should minor offences be cleared from criminal records after a 10-year period of non-offending?

11 December 2001

Are you surprised that Kirsty Bentley's brother is a suspect in her murder?

10 December 2001

Should Wellington rubgy player Riki Flutey be suspended?

7 December 2001

Is New Zealand as clean and green as its image suggests?

6 December 2001

Do you support a total ban on the consumption of alcohol in public places in Auckland city?

5 December 2001

Who are worse drivers?

4 December 2001

Should lost trampers that are rescued have to pay for the rescue operation?

3 December 2001

On average, how much will you be spending on Christmas presents per person?

30 November 2001

What do you think of the 15-month jail sentence received by the teenagers who burned down a high school gymnasium?

29 November 2001

Would you support US attacks on Iraq?

28 November 2001

The religious leader accused of killing a woman during an exorcism should be charged with:

27 November 2001

Do you support a bylaw forcing boogie boarders to wear life jackets or wetsuits?

26 November 2001

Which of the following is most frustrating when driving?

23 November 2001

Are we seeing the end of the Alliance party?

22 November 2001

Will Osama bin Laden ever be found?

21 November 2001

Should we reduce the number of immigrants coming into the country?

21 November 2001

Does speedway safety need to be reviewed following the incident at Wellington's Te Marua speedway?

20 November 2001

Should children be allowed to ride bicycles on the footpath?

19 November 2001

Should the Northern Alliance be left to rule Afghanistan?

16 November 2001

Should prison officers be searched routinely for drugs?

15 November 2001

Should inmates be forced to work?

14 November 2001

Do you think the anthrax cases are coming from within or from outside the USA?

13 November 2001

Who should bear the cost of maintaining rural telephone lines?

10 November 2001

Should Health Minister Annette King be reprimanded for her daughter's actions?

8 November 2001

Tariana Turia should be:

7 November 2001

Should fireworks for Guy Fawkes be restricted to organised displays?

6 November 2001

Should employees be able to sue employers for stress in the workplace?

5 November 2001

Should parents be allowed to use reasonable force to discipline their children?

2 November 2001

Should One Tree Hill's tree be replaced?

1 November 2001

Should cars be banned from Auckland's Queen Street on Friday and Saturday nights?

31 October 2001

Are you happy with the government's stance on genetic engineering?

30 October 2001

Do you support the proposed smokefree law for pubs and restaurants?

29 October 2001

Is bullying commonplace in schools?

26 October 2001

Should employers have free access to job applicants' criminal records?

25 October 2001

What should the top tax rate be?

24 October 2001

Is it time for New Zealand to back down on its nuclear-free policy?

23 October 2001

Should more police time be spent on stopping illegal street racing?

22 October 2001

What do you think of New Zealand's offer of SAS troops to assist the USA?

19 October 2001

Should Constable A's name be revealed?

18 October 2001

Should Police be required to prove the accuracy of laser speed guns in court cases?

17 October 2001

Is New Zealand prepared in the case of biological warfare?

16 October 2001

Do you take an interest in local body elections?

15 October 2001

Should US strikes go beyond Afghanistan?

12 October 2001

Is World War Three about to start?

10 October 2001

With respect to the recent terrorist attacks on the USA, how well is Bush handling the situation?

9 October 2001

Which bank do you prefer to bank with?

8 October 2001

On which day of the week do you prefer to dine out?

5 October 2001

What penalty should be received by Osama bin Laden?

4 October 2001

Should ACC cover ill-health caused by inhaling second-hand smoke while at work?

3 October 2001

Who is your preferred choice for National Party leader?

2 October 2001

To help Auckland's transport problems, should money be spent on railways or roading?

1 October 2001

Is New Zealand safe from terrorism?

28 September 2001

If you had a product to sell, would you consider advertising on the Internet?

27 September 2001

Should schools start at 10 am instead of 9 am?

26 September 2001

Are you concerned about New Zealand's image in the USA?

24 September 2001

Should tax money be used to help Air New Zealand?

21 September 2001

Should the World Trade Centre be rebuilt?

19 September 2001

Should New Zealand assist the USA in striking back against terrorists?

17 September 2001

Do you expect more terrorist attacks on the USA?

14 September 2001

Should the USA strike back against terrorists?

12 September 2001

How well is New Zealand doing in providing aid to other countries?

11 September 2001

The recent power savings campaign was:

10 September 2001

Do you support the family of Stephen Wallace in pursuing a private murder prosecution against Constable A?

7 September 2001

Should Britney Spears use live animals on stage?

5 September 2001

Has justice been served in the Gavin Dash case?


3 September 2001

Should police work to eliminate gangs?

31 August 2001

Should New Zealand accept the refugees on the Tampa?

29 August 2001

Should the Globe Hill gold mine in Reefton be expanded?

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27 August 2001

What do you think of the purchase of the new LAV3s for the army?

24 August 2001

Are Maori disadvantaged under our health system?

23 August 2001

Are you in favour of 12 weeks' paid parental leave?

21 August 2001

How confident are you in the success of the proposed People's Bank?

20 August 2001

If an election were to be held today which party would you vote for?

17 August 2001

Which of the following do you blame most for the shortage of electricity?

16 August 2001

What do you think of a partnership between TVNZ and Sky?

15 August 2001

The role of Prime Minister is more suited to:

14 August 2001

Should parents be held responsible for crimes committed by their children?

13 August 2001

Should secondary school students be allowed to take same-sex partners to school balls?

10 August 2001

Should the number of MPs be reduced from 120 to 99?

9 August 2001

Do you agree with the ruling on the Christine Rankin case?

8 August 2001

Which method of trial is fairer?

7 August 2001

At which supermarket do you prefer to shop?

6 August 2001

Is wind power the long-term solution to our electricity demand?

3 August 2001

At which speed do you most often connect to the Internet?

2 August 2001

Which airline would you rather have increase its investment in Air New Zealand?

1 August 2001

Will you be reducing your electricity consumption to help avoid a shortage?

31 July 2001

Should New Zealand be GE free?

30 July 2001

Is gambling out of control in New Zealand?

27 July 2001

Will re-regulation of the electricity retail market solve the problems it is currently facing?

26 July 2001

Which web browser do you primarily use?

25 July 2001

How confident are you in the success of the planned Maori television channel?

24 July 2001

Should Mobil be forced to reduce the level of sulphur in its fuels?

23 July 2001

Should compulsory registration of cats be introduced?

20 July 2001

Is it right to use human embryos for research?

19 July 2001

What do you think of Auckland's Britomart project?

18 July 2001

What do you think of the translucent TV station logos which appear in the corner of the TV screen?

17 July 2001

Should excessive smoking in movies be censored?

16 July 2001

Should Beijing host the 2008 Olympic Games?

13 July 2001

Which museum exhibition would you rather see?

12 July 2001

What do you think of the discovery of a new technique allowing women to have babies without the involvement of men?

11 July 2001

Should we have stricter gun control laws?

10 July 2001

Should All Black Jerry Collins face punishment for punching a man at a Wellington bar?

9 July 2001

Is Maori a dying language?

6 July 2001

Which of the following banking methods do you prefer?

5 July 2001

Were Mark Prebble's comments on Christine Rankin's neckline appropriate?

4 July 2001

Should New Zealand Post board be sacked?

2 July 2001

Will New Zealand benefit from having more casinos?

29 June 2001

Should ticket scalping be illegal?

28 June 2001

The Employment Relations Act introduced last year favours:

27 June 2001

As CEO of WINZ Christine Rankin performed:

26 June 2001

The recent ban on certain brands of soy sauce is:

25 June 2001

Are you in favour of the proposed change in road rules which does away with the give way to right rule?

22 June 2001

Foods containing genetically modified ingredients should be:

21 June 2001

Should the $55,000 paid out to Mr Yelash come out of Helen Clark's pocket?

20 June 2001

Do you agree with Netball Australia's decision to ban pregnant women from playing netball?

19 June 2001

Given the choice, would you rather be living in New Zealand or Australia?

18 June 2001

The focus on sport in schools is:

15 June 2001

Should Bush change US policies to satisfy Europe?

14 June 2001

Should New Zealand introduce the death penalty?

13 June 2001

Which of the following company groups do you blame most for the rising cost of electricity?

12 June 2001

Has justice been served by the execution of Timothy McVeigh?

11 June 2001

What should happen to escaped prisoners once recaptured?

8 June 2001

Do you think the new paint job on Tranz Rail's locomotives will help improve the company's safety record?

7 June 2001

Should an age restriction be imposed on farm bikes to improve safety?

6 June 2001

How do you feel about the merger between the New Zealand Dairy Group and Kiwi Co-operative Dairies?

5 June 2001

Do you have any sympathy for Christine Rankin in how she was treated?

3 June 2001

Do you support the move to allow bigger trucks on our roads?

1 June 2001

New Zealand culture is more:

31 May 2001

Do you support the government funding a Maori television channel?

30 May 2001

Which of the following is the greatest problem currently facing this country?

29 May 2001

Should fabric softeners be recalled until an investigation into their safety has been conducted?

28 May 2001

Looking back, what do you think about the decision 18 months ago to lower the drinking age from 20 to 18?

25 May 2001

Is it only a matter of time before foot-and-mouth disease comes to New Zealand?

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22 May 2001

Which television news broadcast do you prefer?

21 May 2001

Should New Zealand adopt a new flag?

18 May 2001

The safety level of light aircraft is:

17 May 2001

Has the publicity of the settlement with Mr Yelash damaged Helen Clark's credibility?

16 May 2001

Do you agree with the proposed smokefree laws?

15 May 2001

Which of the fast food chains do you visit most often?

14 May 2001

Should New Zealand and Australia become a republic together?

11 May 2001

What sort of role model is Gary McCormick for trashing his car in a tow yard?

10 May 2001

Which part of the Internet is most important to you?

9 May 2001

Overall, how do you agree with the government's new defence strategy?

8 May 2001

Which of the previous governments has been better at admitting to their mistakes?

7 May 2001

Should a ban on the use of cellphones on public transport be introduced?

4 May 2001

Of the four main petrol companies, from which do you prefer to get petrol?

3 May 2001

Would New Zealand be prepared in the event of a terrorist attack?

2 May 2001

What do you expect will happen to domestic air travel prices in the near future?

1 May 2001

Should set-net fishing be banned in North Island waters?

30 April 2001

Should sex education in schools be compulsory?

27 April 2001

Should male teachers be allowed to teach in girls' schools?

26 April 2001

When breaking news unfolds, which of the following do you turn to first for details?

24 April 2001

Do you support the government's decision to pay out compensation to New Zealanders interned in Japanese prisoner of war camps?

23 April 2001

Do you believe New Zealand's domestic air travel market is too small to support two airlines?

20 April 2001

Do you support the move to outlaw cigarette vending machines?

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19 April 2001

Do you believe Ansett Australia was singled out in the grounding of its Boeing 767 fleet?

18 April 2001

Should the government put a stop to battery chicken farming?

12 April 2001

Should shops be allowed to trade over the Easter period?

10 April 2001

If an election were held today which party would you vote for?

9 April 2001

Should the Government sell the Charles Upham navy ship?

6 April 2001

Which airline do you prefer to travel with?

5 April 2001

Who are the victims in the China plane crisis?

4 April 2001

Should Phillida Bunkle be re-appointed to a ministerial position?

3 April 2001

Are cyclists on the road more of a danger to themselves or to other traffic?

2 April 2001

Do you take part in April Fool's pranks?

30 March 2001

Should farmers be allowed to slaughter stock themselves?

29 March 2001

Do you think Helen Clark over-reacted when she fired Dover Samuels?

28 March 2001

Of the three frequently called organisations listed below, which do you find has the slowest response time in answering your call?

27 March 2001

Should school uniforms be abolished?

26 March 2001

Should a quota be introduced for New Zealand content on television?

22 March 2001

What do you think of the new "Auckland A" slogan for Auckland?

22 March 2001

Is the Internet a safe place for children?

21 March 2001

Should the controversial T-shirts part of an exhibition at Te Papa remain on display?

20 March 2001

Should the gay and lesbian Hero parade be abolished?

19 March 2001

Do you feel comfortable making credit card purchases over the Internet?

16 March 2001

Should the Queen remain on the $20 note?

15 March 2001

Should the use of email and the World Wide Web be monitored in the workplace?

14 March 2001

Which of the following types of home heating would you prefer?

13 March 2001

Do you support the idea of breeding kiwi for food?

12 March 2001

Which of these two crimes should receive the greater penalty?

9 March 2001

Is your lounge positioned to face the sun?

7 March 2001

Should students provide photo ID to sit exams?

5 March 2001

Should people have to work for the dole?

27 February 2001

Do you recycle recyclable items?

25 February 2001

Should Marian Hobbs and Phillida Bunkle have resigned when they did?

22 February 2001

Do you find business sandwich boards a hindrance on the footpath?

21 February 2001

How many hours of television do you watch on average each day?

20 February 2001

Do you think it was wrong for Jenny Shipley to leak information about the proposed People's Bank?

19 February 2001

Do you support the recent air raids on Iraq?

18 February 2001

Should gangs be outlawed?

17 February 2001

Should more money be spent on the police force?

15 February 2001

Should supermarkets be allowed to sell a wider range of alcohol than just beer and wine?

14 February 2001

How do you rate Bill English compared to Jenny Shipley?

14 February 2001

Do you support the introduction of fines for drivers with smokey vehicles?

12 February 2001

The Indonesian overstayers should be:

10 February 2001

Do you support the allowing of more migrants into New Zealand?

7 February 2001

Rehabilitation programs for criminals are:

6 February 2001

Is census an invasion of privacy?

5 February 2001

Should Mark Middleton go to jail for threatening to kill his daughter's murderer?

1 February 2001

Should Waitangi Day be abolished?

24 January 2001

Are you in favour of hidden speed cameras?

15 January 2001

Who would you least trust?

9 January 2001

Should James Bulger's killers have received lifelong anonymity?

2 January 2001

Is it safe to ride in a taxi at night?