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83 polls


15 December 2003

Should Saddam Hussein be given refugee status in New Zealand?


9 December 2003

Should the Commonwealth continue the suspension of Zimbabwe?

3 December 2003

Do you welcome the new anti-smoking laws for bars and clubs?

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24 November 2003

Should councils be able to restrict areas in which brothels area allowed to operate?

19 November 2003

Should fireworks be restricted to organised events only?

14 November 2003

Rules on who can buy New Zealand land should be:

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5 November 2003

Should ACT MP Donna Awatere Huata resign from parliament?

4 November 2003

The charge of misuing a telephone faced by the man who sent a political message by email to the US Embassy is:


31 October 2003

Is the Prime Minister's salary increase by $60,000 to $305,000 fair?

28 October 2003

Who would make a better National Party leader?

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20 October 2003

Is the NZRU treating Jonah fairly?

15 October 2003

Will dropping the Privy Council benefit New Zealand?

9 October 2003

Which brand of home audio-visual appliances do you trust most?

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2 October 2003

Do you support the move to introduce emission testing for vehicles?

30 September 2003

Should Wellington-based Mix FM be allocated a free broadcast frequency from the government?


26 September 2003

Should Paul Holmes step down after his racist comments about Kofi Annan?

19 September 2003

Should we do away with the Privy Council?

16 September 2003

Will the flatulence tax help reduce greenhouse gases?

10 September 2003

What do you think of Shane Arden being charged for driving a tractor up parliament steps?


8 September 2003

Should the Wallabies be allowed to sing Waltzing Matilda before matches?

4 September 2003

Should NZ follow the Dutch example and offer cannabis as a prescription drug from pharmacies?


29 August 2003

Would you pay more for cleaner burning petrol?

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25 August 2003

Who should be responsible for trimming trees near power lines?

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19 August 2003

Does the government's foreshore proposal meet the needs of all New Zealanders?

12 August 2003

Are the tougher dog control laws fair?

5 August 2003

What do you think of the government's Job Jolt scheme?

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3 August 2003

Should terminally-ill people have the choice to end their lives?


29 July 2003

Has the issue of Winston Peters failing to pay a taxi driver been blown out of proportion?

26 July 2003

Do you think Auckland's rate rises are justified?


19 July 2003

In your view was there justification for the Iraq war?

15 July 2003

Who will come off second-best from the National Party conflict?

8 July 2003

Should schools have the power to punish pupils for their behaviour after school hours?

7 July 2003

Should Maori have extra rights to the coastline and sea bed?

2 July 2003

Should WINZ be referring people to sex jobs?


28 June 2003

Do you support the move to decriminalise prostitution?

25 June 2003

Are you in favour of a tax on fatty food?


22 June 2003

Is an anti-racism advertising campaign what New Zealand needs?

18 June 2003

The sentences given to John Burrett and Matthew Payne are:


13 June 2003

Do you have confidence in MAF's approach to biosecurity?

10 June 2003

Do you believe the decision to commit troops to rebuilding Iraq was made to better our relationship with USA?

6 June 2003

Should there be a levy on plastic shopping bags?

5 June 2003

Should schools be teaching students how to use chainsaws and drive tractors?

3 June 2003

Should communities have a right to know about convicted paedophiles living in the area?

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2 June 2003

Do you welcome the proposed law change for quieter car exhaust systems?


1 June 2003

Should we ban first-person shooter computer games?


28 May 2003

Should the Work-for-Dole scheme be brought back?


25 May 2003

The future for Iraq will be:

19 May 2003

Will you be affected if you cannot use your Visa card in the supermarket?


16 May 2003

The outlook for the economy looks:

14 May 2003

Should life-saving medical treatment be limited to New Zealand citizens and residents?


5 May 2003

Where would you like to see the next Lord of the Rings premiere?

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2 May 2003

Is the $1,000,000 the government spent on buying the domain name a good investment?


28 April 2003

Do you approve of the name change of Starship Children's Hospital to Auckland City Hospital Children's Services?


23 April 2003

Do you believe Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction?

20 April 2003

Should all businesses be allowed to trade during Easter?

16 April 2003

What do you think about the new dog control laws?


14 April 2003

Has downloading music from the Internet replaced some of your CD purchases?


11 April 2003

Do you support the law change that allows police to impound cars involved in illegal street racing?

9 April 2003

Will creating a register of sex offenders reduce sex crimes?


8 April 2003

Should New Zealand take part in the post-war reconstruction of Iraq?

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5 April 2003

Do you think the war in Iraq will increase or decrease terrorism?

2 April 2003

Is the government doing enough to stop the deadly flu SARS getting into New Zealand?

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31 March 2003

Has New Zealand damaged its relationship with the US for not supporting the war?


29 March 2003

Should the government close the electricity market and create a state-owned supplier?


23 March 2003

Should New Zealand offer tax breaks for offshore companies making movies in New Zealand?

23 March 2003

Should councils have the power to ban GE crops in their zone?

19 March 2003

Should New Zealand back the US-led invasion of Iraq?

17 March 2003

Should we ban certain breeds of dogs?

11 March 2003

If an election were held today which party would you vote for?

9 March 2003

Should euthanasia be legalised?

3 March 2003

Should taxpayer money help fund the next America's Cup challenge?

24 February 2003

Should our sports teams be banned from partying when on tour?

20 February 2003

Do you support the reform of prostitution laws?

11 February 2003

Did Act do the right thing in suspending Donna Awatere Huata?

10 February 2003

Do you believe the oil industry is 'sitting on' alternative energy technologies such as hydrogen power etc?

4 February 2003

Should there be tougher penalties against owners of dogs that attack?

1 February 2003

Do you agree with Don Brash that the welfare system needs an overhaul?

29 January 2003

Do you agree with Don Brash's suggestion of doing away with special Maori status?

28 January 2003

Is Saddam Hussein dangerous enough to warrant military action against Iraq?

20 January 2003

When buying music CDs, would you avoid copy-protected ones?


15 January 2003

Do you believe Bush's primary reason for war is to kick-start the US economy?

9 January 2003

Stranded whales should be:

6 January 2003

Do you support New Year booze bans?