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58 polls


9 December 2006

Should Fiji be suspended from the Commonwealth?

30 November 2006

Who should pay for the new Eden Park rugby stadium?

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27 November 2006

Are the All Blacks being precious over the haka?


21 November 2006

Do you think parents should be allowed to use reasonable force to discipline their children?

15 November 2006

Do you intend to go to the Ellerslie Flower Show?

13 November 2006

The proposed World Cup stadium in Auckland should be located at:


6 November 2006

Do you agree with the sentence of death by hanging that Saddam Hussein was given?

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31 October 2006

Should seatbelts be made compulsory on school buses?

25 October 2006

Do you think the drinking age should be raised back to 20?

21 October 2006

Do you support a total ban of consumer fireworks?

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14 October 2006

Should the government buy Internet service provider IHUG?

10 October 2006

Should North Korea be stopped from continuing with its nuclear programme?


7 October 2006

Should teachers at American schools be armed?

5 October 2006

Should Don Brash have questioned the police over their handling of the Labour election spending case?

23 September 2006

Do you find it acceptable to be selling Steve Irwin and Peter Brock memorabilia?

18 September 2006

Do you support the new law that prevents people with outstanding fines from leaving the country?

7 September 2006

Should our police force be armed with tasers?


31 August 2006

Do you think private companies should be allowed to transport prisoners?

27 August 2006

Do you think local councils are charging too much in rates or is the amount fair?

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16 August 2006

Do you think the Buy Kiwi Made campaign should include locally designed products made overseas?

15 August 2006

Have the recently foiled UK terror attacks put you off travelling overseas?

11 August 2006

How do you heat your home primarily?

8 August 2006

What sort of effect does leaving children in childcare have on them?

2 August 2006

Do you believe there are terrorists in New Zealand?


28 July 2006

Is it okay to use any force necessary to defend yourself when your life is at risk?

26 July 2006

Do you think that Maori should be a subject taught in the NZ curriculum?

22 July 2006

Which country do you least trust?

6 July 2006

Is it acceptable for employers to be fingerprinting staff members as a method of clocking in and out each day?

2 July 2006

Which country would you like to see win the World Cup?

27 June 2006

Would you dob in a family member who you know has killed someone?

14 June 2006

Do you support mandatory labelling of battery hen eggs?

6 June 2006

Do you trust the government to act in the best interests of the country?

1 June 2006

Should part-time police officers have access to pepper sprays and batons?

25 May 2006

Was it wrong for Mark Inglis and his team not to have stopped to help a dying climber on Mt Everest?

18 May 2006

What did you think of the government's budget announcement?

9 May 2006

Do you welcome the decision to unbundle the local loop?

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27 April 2006

Where should foreigners who commit a crime in New Zealand face trial?

24 April 2006

Would you have threatened your child's bully at the school gates?

15 April 2006

Is it time to review our Easter trading laws?

9 April 2006

Do you believe Iran's claims that it is working on nuclear technology not for bombs but for electricty generation?

3 April 2006

Should Russell Crowe be prosecuted for smoking at non-smoking venues?

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28 March 2006

If microchipping of dogs is made compulsory, should an exemption be made for farm dogs?

26 March 2006

Are you in favour of the abolishment of youth pay rates?

23 March 2006

Should Helen Clark have attended the Commonwealth Games?

17 March 2006

Should the New Zealand doctor who refused to serve a third tour of duty in Iraq be made to face a British court martial?

15 March 2006

Do you support the suggestion to reduce the number of MPs from 120 to 100?

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13 March 2006

Should the government regulate the broadband Internet market?


10 March 2006

Do you feel Gavin Vanner is responsible for the death of his daughter on the quad bike?


8 March 2006

The $700 million Fairfax paid for Trade Me auction website was:

1 March 2006

Should the option of 'New Zealander' have been included in the census question about ethnic groups?

26 February 2006

Which web browser do you use most of the time?

16 February 2006

Do you think that the raised pedestrian platforms often used in favour of pedestrian crossings give rise to confusion?

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3 February 2006

Do you think it was okay for the European newspapers to have published cartoons depicting the Prophet Mohammed?

27 January 2006

Do you think the $25 million it has cost the taxpayer for Peter Jackson's King Kong movie was a worthy investment?

24 January 2006

Should radio stations allow Nautech to trial their car radio emergency service warning system?

17 January 2006

Should businesses who suffer frequent power cuts be entitled to compensation from power companies?

12 January 2006

Do you agree with the impounding of a Taranaki businessman's Mercedes-Benz under the new boy racer law?

2 January 2006

New Zealand prisons are: