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9 July 2009

Do you support a law requiring bakers to add folic acid to bread?



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Tian   (8 years ago)

I thought this type of things only happy in communist countries? :P


Nicole   (8 years ago)

Instead of spending all this money putting it in everyone's bread maybe they should fund free folic acid to pregnant women??


A Meri Ca   (8 years ago)

to make 4,000,000 people take folic acid for the sake of 3 babies born with severe spinal bifida is ridiculous. Let all women of child bearing age make sure their diet includes this in stead. It's like trying to hit a pin in with a sledge hammer.


Patrick   (8 years ago)

If you pregnant then get the proper supplement from a doctor or pharmacist. If there is a medical reason you need to take folic acid over and above from that found in a balanced diet then see a health professional. But unqualified politicians and public servants shouldn't force even less medically qualified people (Bakers)' to become quazi dietitians