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4 September 2010

Should texting while piloting a plane be made illegal?



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Marsh   (7 years ago)

Hmmm Interesting, I believe I was the first to post a comment on this Poll but it certainly isn't here now. I wonder for what reason it may have been removed because there were no profane words used. It was simply a comment based on my experience as a pilot. LOL Perhaps it was just too damn intellectual, thought provoking or simply not what the owner of Poll NZ could relate to. Or was it because I didn't change the subject like so many others have done here to the subject of CAPTCHA. Funny that. Perhaps a Poll asking if you believe CAPTCHA laws are currently to weak or something. Oh... Probably more like a hacker got in and deleted it for fun a challenge etc. Like those who have developed methods of CAPTCHA circumvention..... LOL


Angela   (7 years ago)

That's why it shows two words; one that it knows and one that it doesn't. You can google how it works in less time than it takes to solve one of your CAPTCHAs, so I won't go into details.


Edwin   (7 years ago)

Hah! How does reCAPTCHA know whether the answer is right or wrong then? If it is presenting people with un-OCR-able text, how does it know when people get it right? I suspect it knows some of it, but not all of it, and once enough people have answered the same word, going by statistics it assumes the most popular answer must be right. I'm only guessing, of course. But one thing we do know for sure is that reCAPTCHA allows you to get one character wrong and it will still accept it.


Angela   (7 years ago)

Oh, reCAPTCHA can be solved by bots now? That's great news! Now all those books and periodicals can be digitised without human help.


Edwin   (7 years ago)

reCAPTCHA is too weak. Spammers are getting through at the rate of 17% - see In a way it's not surprising since it's based on dictionary words. An algorithm would often only need a partial match because the remainder can be determined from a word list. I know it's easier for humans because it's word-based, but then also easier to crack.


Angela   (7 years ago)

It depends on the type of plane. Apparently it's possible to safely fly a commercial airliner for quite some time while messing around on the internet and paying no attention to the plane (as happened on Northwest Flight 188 which overshot the airport it was supposed to land at by around 150 miles), so I presume a few seconds texting would also be safe. However, they'd better keep the cellphone turned off so it doesn't affect the avionics. :D Any thoughts of getting a reCAPTCHA here? It'd be easier for humans than the current one, and you'd be helping digitise books.