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25 June 2016

Will the UK be better off having left the EU?

Last comment:  9 months ago

18 June 2003

The sentences given to John Burrett and Matthew Payne are:

Last comment:  11 months ago

5 September 2001

Has justice been served in the Gavin Dash case?

Last comment:  11 months ago

20 May 2016

Which side is it best to err on for the justice system?

Last comment:  2 years ago

15 March 2016

Should university students be allowed to breastfeed their babies in class?

Last comment:  2 years ago

25 February 2016

Should New Zealand accept the gift of a baby elephant from Sri Lanka?

Last comment:  2 years ago

3 November 2015

Should the age at which a firearm can be purchased be raised from 16?

Last comment:  2 years ago

30 November 2015

Should the smokefree law be extended to include outdoor areas at bars and restaurants?

Last comment:  2 years ago

7 September 2015

What do you think of the final 4 flag designs?

Last comment:  2 years ago

4 August 2015

Who should cover medical costs in dog attacks?

Last comment:  3 years ago