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Poll NZ - What do you think of the final 4 flag designs?

39 votes

7 September 2015

What do you think of the final 4 flag designs?

   10%Very encouraging

   31%They're okay


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Jessica   (2 years ago)

@ robyn elliman how about move to another country if you don't like our flag our anthem a flag. I will happily pack your bags for you.


Marius A   (3 years ago)

I think this is a huge waste of money especially in this 'recession' we're in


robyn elliman   (3 years ago)

I look forward to the new flag,and wish a new anthem had been promoted as well.


ih   (3 years ago)

Most NZ's don't want a flag change so I'm concerned that the government is not listening to us or is this a ploy to take our minds off the preposterous TPPA proposal???

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