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Will the UK be better off having left the EU?



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Wiggy   (17 days ago)

Brexit is an unmitigated disaster. Britain's standing in the world is diminished, its economy is wrecked, its society will be ripped apart and its environmental quality will be reduced.


Vn2nz   (10 months ago)

I don't think do


JadeWilson   (1 year ago)

Im basicaly fucking dumb


gerry elliman   (2 years ago)

Things that need improving is to severely restrict immigration,and decrease the over-generous welfare hand-outs.But if these had been controlled long ago,then staying in the Union would have helped to solidify the various countries econonmically and militarily.


Jude   (2 years ago)

Depends how much they are going to lose when they are no longer part of EU!

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